Why us? – For hotels
Because you feel safe leaving your apparel management on us. Your apparel is kept at a special area defined for hotel apparel management, and is fully separated from the one for hospitals.
Why us? – For Clinics / Hospitals
Because we are the only company that has a specialized hospital apparel management unit, which offers our partners safety and credibility.


Why doesn’t the apparel laundry begin immediately with warm water?
or the proper apparel laundry, a pre-wash must precede with cold or tepid water, for achieving the water penetration within the fabric fibers and the removal of external substances and microbes. In this way, the protein residues are not made permanent.
Then, laundry with warm water and detergent follows and the microbial burden is neutralized.
Why does laundry temperature must not exceed the 90ºC?
At such a high temperature, your apparel may be damaged. We care about the qualitative management of your apparel regarding not only its cleaning and hygiene, but also its duration and endurance.
Do you use chlorine for the apparel whitening?
We avoid the usage of chlorine. We only use oxygenated disinfectant, approved by the National Organization for Medicines, which disinfects without causing any damage to your apparel.

Quality and safety guarantee

How do you guarantee the smooth operation of the production?
Our company is absolutely prepared for any possibility.
In case of interruption:

  • Of water supply by Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP)
    We have tanks of 800m3, total water storage, a volume capable of covering the needs of 3 days.
  • Of electricity
    We are equipped with a station of medium voltage and a generator.

Moreover, while natural gas is being used, there is an option for oil burning that can cover the needs of 12 days.
Finally, we have two independent systems of water vaporization and heat provision, one of which operates constantly and the other is spare.

Why do you describe your company as «green»?
We have installed specialized and ultramodern systems of biological cleaning.
We use natural gas for the production of thermal energy. We use exclusive biodegradable detergents from the DIVERSEY Company. All these contribute to the enhancement of our ecological identity and the protection of the environment.
How do you guarantee an impeccable quality?
Our company complies with the universal standards of proper operation and quality. Every year the certification of the international organization TUV CERT is renewed. Moreover, Proteus Laundry is certified with ISO14001:2015, ISO9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.
All hygiene and safety regulations are inviolably complied at:

  • The premises
  • The apparel management
  • The personnel

The last three years, a training of students from the National School of Public Health is performed in our premises.


What would be the benefit of a cooperation with you, as far as the leasing method is concerned?
You will only be charged with the laundry and leasing cost. You will not commit your fund for the apparel purchase. You will constantly have a new apparel, without damages.