Health Safety Protocols

We offer services with Safety & protection

Hygiene & additional Safety Measures

Complete isolation of the uncleaned apparel reception room from the rest of the production unit.
Installation of showers for the washers to frequently wash themselves and mandatory washing upon the end of the work.
All employees are to apply all necessary Individual Protection Measures (IPM), as specified by the completed Ministry (disposable overalls, gloves, masks, overshoes, caps, protective glasses), in all rooms of the production unit.
Increase of the number of frequent disinfections of all rooms of the production unit, performed by a specifically qualified crew.

Placement of special cleaning mats soaked with diluted chlorine in the entrances of the factory in order to avoid the transport of microbes.
Placement of antiseptic dispensers in all the areas of the factory.
Constant disinfection of all frequently-touchedobjects, such as machine buttons, touch screens, door handles, switches telephones.
Daily temperature controls of employees and visitors.

Information & Control

Systematic control of application/ compliance with the measures by specifically qualified personnel.
Dissemination of the information issued by the official bodies of EODY to our personnel-regarding the progress of the pandemic.
Ιnformation of our personnel regarding the:
  • progress of the mandemic
  • transmission methods
  • proper cleaning and disinfection of areas
  • proper waste management
  • use of IPM (Individual Protection Measures)
  • proper hand washing and personal hygiene
Effective action plan in the event of coronavirus case.